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Title: Keynote Address--Dark Flow: The Allure of Modern Multiline Slot Machines
Description: Dr. Mike J. Dixon will be delivering the Keynote Address as part of the Psychology Department's 2017 Prairie Undergraduate Research Conference.

Dark Flow: the Allure of Modern Multiline Slot Machines

"In modern multiline slot machines players can wager on many
different paylines at once. When players spin and lose their entire
wager the machine goes into a state of quiet. When they spin and win
more than their wager the machine celebrates this win with high
fidelity sounds and eye-catching animations. When players spin and
gain back LESS than their wager (e.g., bet $1.00 and get back 20
cents), despite this being a net loss to the player, the machine
nonetheless still celebrates this outcome with sights and sounds
that are very similar to actual wins. We refer to these outcomes as
'losses disguised as wins' (LDWs). I will show how players
physiologically, behaviourally and psychologically respond to these
LDWs as though they are actual wins instead of the losses that they
truly are. I will present research on the importance of the
reinforcing sounds used by slot machines sounds in causing players to
miscategorize these type of losses as wins. Finally I will show how
slots games with losses disguised as wins contribute to some players
entering what we call a 'dark flow' state where they are
oblivious to all else but the game. I will summarize a number of
different studies in which we show that those with more severe
gambling problems seem preferentially vulnerable to entering this
state. Our research explains why multiline slot machines may be the
game of choice for those with gambling problems."
When: April 21, 2017, Daily, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Where: University of Winnipeg
Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall3C00, 515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Contact: Carolynn Smallwood
Category: Lectures

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